Evaluation Tips
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Evaluation Tips
If you are performing an evaluation of our offering then here are a few tips to ensure the best experience.
Use the latest production endpoint
If you want to make sure you are getting access to all capabilities deployed into our current APP, then please make sure the base endpoint you use is is for our US PROD cluster:
export ENDPOINT="prod-us.meetkai.net/backend"
Use Conversational Language
The MeetKai.cloud conversational API specializes in Conversational Language, this means that the more context in the utter the better the accuracy will be. If you have a use case where you only want to search a single domain or only a single turn, we can provide alternate APIs as needed.
Limit to the domains you want to actually support
If you do not want to enable all of our supported domains, then you can use limit_domains as part of the POST body to limit the domains.
{"transcripts":"chicken and bacon", "limit_domains": ["recipe"]}
or, suppose you want to support recipe and streaming
{"transcripts":"chicken and bacon", "limit_domains": ["recipe", "streaming"]}
Use the reset_first query parameter
If you want to test a number of single turn queries in a row, you can run them in sequence and use ?reset_first=true as a query parameter
Location matters
If you are testing any query related to locations, please make sure you always pass in a User-Location Header that is close to the target. We use AI Location Resolution for queries, which means that a user in Los Angeles saying "italian in venice" will get a result in Venice, Los Angeles. A user in Rome that asks the same will get results in Venice.
If you are searching for a particular restaurant by name then the User-Location matters a lot in how the query is resolved. Please pass in a value that makes sense for when a user would search for a restaurant by that name.
Suggested Queries
Here are some sample queries to try for each domain per usage in our apps:
Tom cruise action movies
Comedy movies with no romance
Can you show me a movie with tom hardy
Will Smith movie that's not bad boys
Action movie on Netflix
Movie with Brad Pitt and George Clooney
A TV show with Aaron Paul
a Sci-Fi movie on Hulu
Robert Downey Jr. movie that's not Avengers
Where can I watch the The Mysterious Benedict Society
I want to watch the new Loki show
What's a good movie that you recommend my girlfriend and I watch
Can you recommend me a drama that's on Amazon Prime
I want to buy a bicycle
Find me a laptop to purchase
Show me a men's black jacket
I want to buy women's yoga pants
I need to buy a gift card
I want to purchase a backpack
Find me an electric toothbrush
Where can I buy the Ring Pro
I need some pen grips
Can you hook me up with a jack stand
Italian food near me
Pizza places in Santa Monica
I want to go to a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles
Find me a steakhouse in Santa Monica
Show me a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco
Show me a sushi restaurant
What's a good Indian restaurant nearby?
I need some fast food
I want a restaurant that serves burgers
Chicken recipe
Italian recipe with no cheese
Find me a thai recipe
can you show me vegan dessert
vegetarian recipe
chocolate chip cookie recipe
show me a recipe for breakfast
show me a recipe for 4th of July
Show me a turkey burger recipe
find me a bottle of white wine for $50
what's a good wine that pairs with steak?
Show me a cheap bottle of red wine
I want to purchase a bottle of wine for $100
Show me a dark beer to drink
I want to drink an IPA
Do you have any lagers that you recommend
Show me a cardio workout
I would like to do a workout for my lower body
show me a workout for my upper body
show me the latest COVID news
Show me an article about the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA championship
Show me some news on the Los Angeles Dodgers
Is there any current news with the Lakers?
Show me some news about the stock market
What's going on in Africa
Show me a James Cameron book
I want to read a book for kids
What's a good romance novel?
Find me a book about vampires
I want to read a book by Ben Shapiro
What's a good management book
Find me a podcast from Joe Rogan
Do you have a podcast on relationships?
Show me a podcast about healthy eating?
What's a good podcast with Oprah Winfrey
I'm looking for a meditation session for stress
Do you have any 10 minute meditation sessions?
What's a good meditation session to calm me down?