Draft Agreement
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Draft Agreement
MeetKai is currently soliciting feedback on the draft document below which covers acceptable uses of the MeetKai cloud offering. The Meetkai cloud offering (referred to as MKCLOUD or meetkai.cloud) allows partners to integrate our technology to power either “query time” or “re-index” experiences. Examples of these experiences are:
Query time:
Our service is directly used in response to some user’s query. Sample uses include but are not limited to:
Real time search with our APIs for “hot data”
Conversational Interface through our “Conversational API” to enable virtual assistant style applications
Our service is called ahead of time and data is dumped from our batch search endpoints. This data is re-indexed by the caller in order to facilitate downstream users to search. Sample uses include but are not limited to:
Indexing our POIs for search or browsing in a maps application
Indexing our POIs for search or browsing in a conventional search application.
We are providing this cloud offering without a commercial requirement currently under terms of inclusion of MeetKai’s branding and click through requirements. Informally stated:
Branding provides promotion for MeetKai by including our logo, copy, and other material (as seen in sections 2 & 3 below).
Clickthrough requirements refer to point 2.2 in the below document. By including a click through to our platforms a user is able to get more details about their result. For example, a restaurant click through link would bring the user to the MeetKai page where they could order delivery, make a reservation, or see more detailed data. As part of the click through link, parameters are required as part of the link in order to help our analytics and tracking. These include a hash of the user id (non-PII) and the keywords used to arrive at the result.
Highlight Questions
We have the following critical questions that we would like to solicit answers from our public cloud users on:
For all partners:
What SLA requirements do you need us to provide?
Feedback on Acceptable Uses (section 1)
Any use cases not covered?
Feedback on Branding Requirements (Section 2,3)?
Feedback on "Restrictions" (section 4)
For partners that want to use our data in the Re-index scenario (when their own search or map application is used)
Because the data would be pulled ahead of time, the click through URL for each result item would need to be constructed as part of when the result is actually displayed in the end application. For this reason, we need to know what parameters could be included. The ideal are:
In order to provide better personalization, you should provide a hash of the user that clicked on the result. This must not include any PII and should be universally unique to your service.
Use this to specify the query that led to the result. This is required if you are not serving our results at query time but instead pre-indexing them from our bulk api. Exceptions can be made
Used to identify you as a company or product. For a given product using our services, please pick a unique ID to use.
You can provide this to distinguish between an app vs a browser vs a quick app
Used to identify the source within your product. For example if this is being displayed in a map search you may use "map_search". If it were displayed in the map explore then maybe it would be "map_explore"
1 Acceptable Uses
All data returned in responses may only be used in search or discovery experiences. A search or discovery experience means the content displayed:
1.1 - Is relevant and responsive to the end user's direct query, or other indication of their search interest and intent (for example, a user-indicated search query). This may also be passive, in which the user is in a location and the results are relevant to their location.
1.2 - Helps users find and navigate to the response's data sources. For example, providing clickable links from hyperlinks in the response.
1.3 - Are in a placement that enables users to search or otherwise provide filters to find content.
1.4 - Includes any other appropriate measures to ensure your usage MeetKai.cloud data does not violate any applicable laws or rights of, or duties or obligations owed by you to, third parties. Consult your legal advisors to determine what measures may be appropriate.
2 Logos & Display
2.1 - Prominently display MeetKai branding, consistent with the screenshots below. Such branding must clearly state to the user that MeetKai is powering the search experience. Exceptions to this rule and display changes may be made on a case by case basis upon review by MeetKai.
2.2 - Prominently include a functional hyperlink button to MeetKai. This button should bring the user to the details page for that result.
2.3 - This link will be included as part of the “result”. If parameters are expected to be provided as part of the URL then you are under the obligation to provide all required parameters and make a best effort to provide optional ones.
2.4 - MeetKai’s logo must be used in one of the following 2 available formats. Logo must include the words “MeetKai” at all times. Logo can be shown in white as referenced below if it enhances UI. Custom logos may be created and approved on an as needed basis.
3 Example Acceptable Placement for Logo & Display
3.1 - Below presents a variety of placements and phrases to where the MeetKai logo can be featured.
3.2 - Phrasing can include, but is not limited to: powered by, find out more on, more photos on, more information on, more details on, learn more at, find out more at, for more information visit, or other phrases that represent the information properly:
4 Usage Restrictions
Do not:
4.1 - Copy, store, or cache any data from responses for any other reason than to  (except retention to the extent permitted by our Terms of Use or for specific excep).
4.1.a - For situations in which the data needs to be stored for purposes of operational capability of future end user queries, we permit at most 7 days of data storage. This data may only be stored for the express purpose of a user later querying it. It may not be stored for any other reason than an end user’s query, unless required by law or agreed to by MeetKai.
4.3 - Use data received from the MeetKai.cloud API as part of any machine learning or similar algorithmic activity. Do not use this data to train, evaluate, or improve new or existing services that you or third parties might offer.
4.4 - Modify the results content (other than to reformat them in a way that does not violate any other requirement), unless required by law or agreed to by MeetKai.
4.5 - Omit attribution information and URLs associated with results content, unless required by law or agreed to by MeetKai.
4.6 - Reorder, including by omission, the results displayed in an answer when an order or ranking is provided, unless required by law or agreed to by MeetKai.
GDPR compliance
5.1 - With respect to any personal data subject to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and that is processed in connection with calls to the MeetKai.cloud API, you understand that you and MeetKai are independent data controllers under the GDPR. You are independently responsible for your compliance with the GDPR.