Conversational Graph Overview
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Conversational Graph Overview
This page is a working draft, we aim to have more documentation available in the near future.
MeetKai has a large knowledge graph covering many different domains globally. We are looking to expose this graph for partners to make use of in one of two ways.
In the Document Model, in which we provide summary documents for specifics "places" in our dataset.
In the Graph API, where we allow partners to perform personalized searches of our rich graph of items using natural language.
In general if you want to index our POIs to help surface results with your own search system, you should use our Document Model. If you want to search our dataset using the full rich natural language that our conversational AI supports, you would use the Conversational Graph API
We are starting our offerings with a subset of our graph dedicated to POIs, we will continue to add and extend below:
Document Model
Conversational Graph API