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Click through API
Whenever you present a result originally fetched from MeetKai.cloud, it is required for there to be a "more details" or clickthrough link with the item. Some examples of how this might look:
For POI Results (Search/Maps Use cases):
For Conversational API results (VA use case)
URL Schema Types
There are 3 types of URLs that can be used for the more details link, you should pick the correct one depending on which platform you are on:
For platforms where the MeetKai VA app is available and installed, you can use the deep link format to bring users directly into our app. This scenario is referred to as "NATIVE DEEP LINK"
For platforms that support Quick Apps and in supported markets and domains (see list here) you can use the hwfastapp schema to bring the user into the MeetKai quick apps directly. This scenario is referred to as "QUICK APP LINK".
Finally, in cases when only a browser is available you can use our regular H5 page link. This scenario is referred to as "H5 Card"
URL Parameters
Localization Related
In order to ensure the destination page is localized, the following parameters are required to be specified:
user_region: The 2 letter country code for the user's region.
user_language: 2 letter language code for the user's language.
Please note that locale is a combination of the language and region. When a combined localization is not possible, user region will take priority over user language and then finally a fallback to English will be done in order to ensure a render.
Analytics/Personalization related
In order to allow MeetKai.cloud to collect accurate analytics on referral and usage, we provide both required and optional parameters to be included as part of the url:
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Sep 21
POI more details example screenshots
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Sep 21
Oscar feed more details button
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Sep 21
Need to put in regions