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{ "address": [ { "addressCountry": "Mexico", "addressLocality": "Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City", "addressRegion": "Mexico City", "postalCode": "07800", "streetAddress": "Constancia 4D", "language_code": "en" }, { "addressCountry": "Mexico", "addressLocality": "Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City", "addressRegion": "Mexico City", "postalCode": "07800", "streetAddress": "Constancia 4D", "language_code": "es" } ], "alternative_names": null, "click_url": "https://meetkai.com/poi/0006006e-ee22-5671-9bf9-57fc53b9938e", "country_code": "MX", "description": "", "domain": "poi", "features": ["Dine-in", "Takeout", "No-contact delivery"], "formatted_address": "Constancia 4D, Industrial, Gustavo A. Madero, 07800 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico", "gcid": null, "geo_point": { "latitude": 19.4748777, "longitude": -99.1257504 }, "guides": null, "hours": [ { "day": "Fri", "gte": "8:00", "lte": "22:00" }, { "day": "Sat", "gte": "8:00", "lte": "22:00" }, { "day": "Sun", "gte": "12:00", "lte": "22:00" }, { "day": "Mon", "gte": "8:00", "lte": "22:00" }, { "day": "Tue", "gte": "8:00", "lte": "22:00" }, { "day": "Wed", "gte": "8:00", "lte": "22:00" }, { "day": "Thu", "gte": "8:00", "lte": "22:00" } ], "imgs": [ { "url": "https://meetkai.ai/api/cloud/i?q=95d8932867b08df044ec2d2555309163", "date_published": "September 10, 2021" }, { "url": "https://meetkai.ai/api/cloud/i?q=a366e28ff9434c4fc5cfb72eac122fdd", "date_published": "" }, ... ], "is_chain": false, "is_verified": false, "keyword_extraction": false, "known_for": null, "labels": ["Coffee shop"], "labels_en": ["Coffee shop"], "language_code": "en", "meals": null, "menu": null, "name": [ { "name": "La Octava", "language_code": "en" }, { "name": "La Octava", "language_code": "es" } ], "pcid_1": ["shopping"], "pcid_2": ["food and drink"], "pcid_3": ["food and drink"], "popular_times": [ { "day": "Sun", "popular_hours": [ { "busyness": 0, "hour": 6 }, { "busyness": 0, "hour": 7 }, ... ] }, ... ], "price": "", "reviews": [ { "body": "Pedí una baguette y un capuchino para llevar. El servicio fue rápido y amable, el café no es nada del otro mundo pero se disfruta. El horror es \"la baguette\", me dieron una chapata que nada que ver y por $70 esperaba un jamón de mejor calidad, el jamón de pavo con un sabor horrible, además tanto las papás como la chapata (no baguette aunque eso fue lo que pedí) tenían exceso de tomillo. Volvería a probar el pan porque veo que lo recomiendan pero definitivamente no sus baguettes (que en realidad son chapatas).", "body_en": "I ordered a baguette and a cappuccino to go. The service was fast and friendly, the coffee is nothing to write home about but it is enjoyed. The horror is \"the baguette\", they gave me a ciabatta that nothing to see and for $ 70 I expected a better quality ham, turkey ham with a horrible flavor, also both the parents and the ciabatta (not baguette although that was what I asked) they had excess thyme. I would try the bread again because I see they recommend it but definitely not their baguettes (which are actually ciabatta).", "date_published": "November 26, 2021", "images": [ { "url": "https://meetkai.ai/api/cloud/i?q=ba479ad96dfa352bc00f57282804577f", "date_published": "November 26, 2021" } ], "language_code": "es", "score": 2, "title": "", "user": "Mixtli Islas" }, { "body": "Excelente lugar y servicio! Los pays son \"Deliciosos\",las bebidas son muy ricas. El precio es bueno para la calidad de los productos.", "body_en": "Excellent place and service! The pies are \"delicious\", the drinks are very tasty. The price is good for the quality of the products.", "date_published": "November 10, 2021", "images": [ { "url": "https://meetkai.ai/api/cloud/i?q=3e7d42c912ff39241a61a01f98405cb7", "date_published": "November 4, 2021" }, { "url": "https://meetkai.ai/api/cloud/i?q=76d650c880871d52777c3628474a4705", "date_published": "November 4, 2021" }, { "url": "https://meetkai.ai/api/cloud/i?q=25aadac679cb9e1878522a5c2c922112", "date_published": "November 4, 2021" } ], "language_code": "es", "score": 5, "title": "", "user": "Daniel Palomera Rodriguez" } ], "scores": [ { "provider_name": "GoogleMaps", "rating_label": "", "ratings": 143, "score": 4.199999809265137 } ], "subtype": ["coffee shop", "shopping", "food and drink"], "telephone": "+525552957644", "timezone": "America/Mexico_City", "type": ["food", "shopping"], "uid": "0006006e-ee22-5671-9bf9-57fc53b9938e", "website": "https://www.facebook.com/LaOctavaCafe/", "labels_es": ["Cafetería"] }